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Paper Making Dryer Cylinder

Dryer cylinder

Paper making dryer cylinder is a key part of paper drying, in order to increase the smoothness of the paper surface, it is required to polish the outer surface of the dryer and rotate the inner surface to maintain the thickness of the whole dryer wall so as to ensure the safety, balance and heat transfer of the dryer. Dryer cylinder divides into cast iron dryer and steel dryer.

If the customer chooses to install the cast iron yank dryer instead of steel yank dryer, it will have many advantages, such as:

1. According to their respective quality data, the steam consumption of cast iron and steel yank oven is the same.

2. At present, due to the long-term performance, cast iron yank dryer can provide long-term quality assurance, while the steel yank dryer performance is relatively short, especially in large diameter and width.

3. The steel yank dryer cylinder always needs to be sprayed, and the cast iron yank oven does not need.

4. Due to the high temperature of the steel yank drying cylinder (at the top), the operator will face more difficulties in maintenance (such as replacing the doctor blade). Higher top temperatures can lead to more thermal radiation.

5. The surface of the cast iron yank dryer is continuous and does not need to be soldered. It can always maintain a circular shape.

6. Iron yank dryer is more resistant to internal corrosion than other materials.

7. In case of accident, iron yank dryer can be used for grinding operation, and can be repeated many times. In the steel yank oven, metallization can lead to high maintenance cost.

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