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Paper Making Felt

Paper making felt

According to the position and role of the felt in the paper machine, can be divided into wet felt, top felt and dry felt. Play an important role in paper making process, Leizhan supply high quality low price felt for paper maker.

The effect of papermaking felt

1. Water filter action: as a dehydrating medium, the paper blanket absorbs and filters out the moisture of the paper when the paper is dehydrated in the real empty box and the squeezing zone.
2. Leveling effect: the effect of leveling and modifying of the paper surface during the transmission and dehydration of the paper.
3. Function of conveyor belt: transfer the paper page to the drying cadre from the department of the press, and drive the running of the passive roller and wire mold.

The use and maintenance of paper felt

(1). Keep the felt clean and prevent grease from sticking to the felt.
(2). Between rollers, there should be adequate space to cover the blanket and avoid pulling the blanket in between the gaps.
(3). Shouldn’t left in the roller before the felt is flattened. No pressure on the roller before the paper machine is running normally.
(4). When the blanket is slow to run, you can moisten the blanket evenly until the water is saturated, then adjust the tensioning roller to tighten the blanket to the best length, width and dehydration.

Cleaning of paper felt: in the case of other conditions, the effective way to extend the service life of the wet felt is to install a suitable wet felt cleaning system. , because of the wet felt off the paper machine there are two commonly: (1) jams, 2. compaction, and the effect of wet felt cleaning system has three: 1. To prevent blocking 2. Prevent compaction 3.  Remove moisture from the wet felt to improve the dehydration of the paper in the pressure area.