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Paper Making Felt

Paper making felt

Papermaking felt is a valuable material in the papermaking industry. It can be divided into wet felt, top felt and drying felt according to its use. It plays a role in filtering the moisture in the pulp and tightening the wet paper layer Together, so the wet felt is required to have good water treatment and durability. So what should pay attention to paper machine felt? There are some tips to maintain the felt.

Paper making felt

1. Analysis on the Cause of Shrinkage: mainly caused by the unstable structure of the felt.
Treatment: relax the felt roll, so that the felt in the relaxed state of operation. Above the standard line is not correct on the normal operation of the felt unfavorable.
2. Cause analysis and treatment of new felt sticky pulp
New felt sticky pulp is generally caused by the rough surface of the felt, and then the felt rugged, copper brush can be better, spent a period of time felt is pulp is too long caused by the fiber, with a light burned on the line. Used for a period of time the felt sticky pulp is caused by long fiber, with a torch burning on the felt.
3. Cause analysis and treatment of felt not sizing
Surface of the cloth is too smooth
4. Analysis of causes of cracks in felt
The operator accidentally caused mechanical damage, or felt is not broken but the bottom felt occur cracks, because the pulp fell on the felt, and broke the longitude and latitude line.

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