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Drum Screen For Paper Making Equipment

The drum screen paper pulping machine is an essential instrument employed in the paper pulping process. It is specifically designed to effectively remove impurities and separate fibers from the pulp.

4600mm Underfeed Rewinder For Paper Mill

Our state-of-the-art rewinding machines are equipped with cutting-edge technology and innovative design, enabling them to effortlessly and efficiently slit and rewind paper rolls at impressive speeds.

Calender For Single Press Coated Paper Machine

The calendar machine is a crucial component in the paper production process. Its purpose is to enhance the quality of wet cardboard by providing a flat and smooth finish.

Vacuum Pressure Roll For Tissue Paper Machine

The vacuum pressure roll, also known as the suction pressure roll, plays an essential role in the tissue paper machine. Its main purpose is to enhance the dewatering process and improve the overall paper formation.

Small Scale Printing Paper Making Machine

By utilizing cutting-edge manufacturing technology and automated control systems, the printing paper making machine enhances productivity and output substantially. This ensures the creation of premium cultural paper with exceptional clarity.

30T Duplex Paper Board Machine

In order to improve production efficiency and operational advantages, our duplex paper board machine adopts cutting-edge automation technology and streamlined production processes.

Using Site Of Household Paper Machine

We help our customers establish an advanced waste paper recycling system to recycle the recovered waste paper through multiple processes, thereby reducing the demand for virgin pulp and the environmental burden.

Hengan Paper Mill Paper Machine Using Site

Customers are very satisfied with our paper machine products. The performance of the paper machine is stable and reliable, improving production efficiency. At the same time, the high-quality after-sales service provided by our team also makes customers feel very at ease.

Using Site Of Vietnam Tissue Paper Machine

Welcome to the use site of Vietnam tissue paper machine! This site is designed to let you understand the paper making process and usage of household paper machines in Vietnam.

Household Paper Pulp Preparation Line For Vietnamese Customer

The complete set of household paper pulp preparation line provided by Leizhan Machinery to Vietnamese customer has been installed and will be commissioned and started immediately.

Afghan Household Paper Stock Preparation Use Site

The pulping line is an important link in the paper industry. It is applied to turn native cellulose into pulp, providing important raw materials for paper production.

Energy- Saving Pressure Screen For Continous Paper Machine

Pressure screen is a pulping equipment. There are many types, but its basic structure and working process are generally similar. Compared with other pressure screens, energy-saving pressure screen is more environmentally friendly and energy-saving.

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