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Paper Making Equipment Disc Filter

As a key equipment in the filter pressing process, the importance of the disc filter cannot be underestimated. If you have any needs for Disc Filters, please contact us.

Paper Pulp Making Equipment Chest Agitator

The chest agitator is employed to maintain a continuous suspension of paper pulp by stirring it continuously. It effectively distributes the pulp evenly while offering the advantages of a long service life, ease of operation and maintenance due to its simple structure, and stable operation.

Paper Making Equipment Conical Refiner

Conical Refiner in the pulp and paper industry is a key equipment, which plays a vital role in the pulp processing process.

Flotation Deinking Machine for Paper Mill

In the highly competitive and eco-conscious world of paper production, the Flotation Deinking Machine stands as a vital asset to paper mills around the globe.

Paper Making Felt for Paper Mill

Felt, forming wire and dry felt are the three most valuable items in paper production. The quality of felt has a great impact on paper machine breakage, downtime and unit cost of finished products.

High-speed Stock Washer for Paper Making Line

A high-speed stock washer is a critical component in a paper making line, designed to efficiently remove impurities, chemicals, and debris from the pulp or stock before it is further processed.

Paper Making Equipment Heating Screw Conveyor

A heating screw conveyor is a piece of equipment frequently utilized in paper mills to transport materials and supply heat at the same time.

Paper Making Equipment Kneader

The Hot Dispersing Machine Kneader is primarily employed to eliminate asphalt, paraffin, grease, and various hot melt, or pressure-sensitive adhesives from waste paper.

Paper Making Equipment Heavy Slag Extruder

The heavy slag extruder is a critical component in the paper production line, serving several essential functions.

Screw Press for Stock Preparation Line

Screw press is an essential piece of equipment in paper mills for the dewatering and thickening of pulp. If you have any demand for paper making equipment, please contact us.

Inclined Screw Thickener for Paper Mill

An inclined screw thickener is a type of equipment used in paper mills for the process of thickening pulp. It consists of a rotating screw within a cylindrical tank.

Paper Pulp Making Machine High Density Cleaner

Leizhan, a respected name in the paper pulping and paper making machinery sector, is introducing a groundbreaking high density cleaner that promises to revolutionize the efficiency and dependability of pulp cleaning operations.

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