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Tissue Paper Making Line

High Grade Facial Paper Machine for Sale

High Grade Facial Paper Machine for sale, which Machine mainly produce high grade living paper, it has reasonable price and advance technology

Tissue Paper Roll Machine for Paper Mill

The Tissue Paper Roll Machine is a professional equipment for producing tissue paper ,toilet paper, napkins, and facial tissues.

Paper Mill Equipment Overfeed Rewinder

As the last program in the paper industry, the Overfeed Rewinder is the fastest running machinery in papermaking machinery.It’s speed can up to 1500(m/min).

Paper Pulp Equipment-Kneader for Paper Pulp Making Line and Paper Mill

Kneader mainly used to disperse the stickies, grease, wax, plastic, rubber and ink particles and other hot melt impurities from the paper pulp.

6T/D Facial Tissue Making Machinery

6T/D Facial Tissue Making Machinery is a kind of machine for making toilet paper jumbo roll, small tissue roll, napkin paper, etc. The raw material can be waste paper & virgin pulp board.

2850mm High-speed Tissue Paper Machine

2850mm Crescent High-speed Tissue Paper Machine is to make handkerchief paper, kitchen paper, toilet tissue paper roll, etc.

950mm Facial Tissue Jumbo Paper Machine

Facial Tissue Jumbo Paper Machine is to produce kraft liner, flute liner, test liner. This Tissue Paper Machinery has the advantages of superior quality, good performance and high efficient.

787mm Small Toilet Paper Roll Machine

Small Toilet Paper Roll Machine, which is also used as tissue paper roll machine, napkin paper, handkerchief paper and other tissue paper machine, can use Virgin wood pulp, waste paper etc to make high quality small toilet paper roll.

50tpd Tissue Paper Making Machine for Sale

50t/d tissue paper machine paper width 3600mm, used for 13-40g/㎡ tissue paper, kitchen paper making, the following is some paper machine details about 3600mm tissue paper making machine.

2900mm Tissue Paper Making Machine

2900mm tissue paper making machine use wood pulp or waste paper pulp as raw material to produce 13-30g/㎡ toilet paper, The following is paper machine technical data.

Small Toilet Tissue Paper Manufacturing Machine

Small tissue paper making machine use wood pulp, white shavings or waste paper to produce 13-40g/㎡ tissue paper, paper napkin, capacity is 5-10t/d, is always on hot sale in our company.

Rewinder Machine for Papermaking

Rewinder machine adopts PLC computer programming, it can produce paper rolls full automatically with high speed. The finished product is neat and in good order. The production process is unwinding–embossing–perforating–cutting. Price is very favorable.

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