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Coating Board Paper Making Line

10T/D Grey Board Paper Machine

Grey Board Paper Machine is used for making packaging box lining board, clothing packing box, arts and crafts packaging box, ceramic products packaging box, decorative panels and various types of thread-bound book cover and the outer packaging.

How to Prevent Corrupted Slurry

Corrupted slurry is the result of bacteria and mold reproduction, when the liquid level of the slurry fluctuates, these corrupted slurry will fall off and fall into the slurry. When the wire is used for copying, yellow or green pulp spots or holes will form on the surface of the paper, even occur paper break in press part. So how to prevent corrupted slurry?

Paper Machine Drying Section

After the paper is pressed, the dry paper is generally around 40%. In the new press, the high can reach 50%, and the residual moisture must be evaporated in the dry part of the paper machine. The evaporation process requires a lot of heat energy, which is usually supplied by steam. The drying part is usually the most energy-consuming in the paper machine. The heat energy is transferred from the steam to the paper, and the commonly used equipment is the dryer.

Waste Paper Recycling Machine for Papermaking

All we know that waste paper can be used to produce kraft paper, corrugated paper, coating paper, fluting paper, tissue paper, etc. More and more paper mill choose waste paper as raw material, so do you know how to choose paper pulp machine for different paper making?

White Water in Paper Making Process

During paper making process, there will be lots of white water, white water contains fine fibers and fillers, and has big influence on paper making, so what should pay attention to white water system during paper making?

Waste Paper Stock Preparation Line

Waste paper pulping process contain pulper, cleaner system, screening system, and approach flow system before paper machine. High efficiency paper pulp machine can save lots of manpower and energy for paper maker, at the same time achieve the purpose that produce high quality slurry. So what paper machine a complete stock preparation line need to make the waste paper into accept pulp?

High Capacity Drum Pulper for Paper Pulping Equipment

Drum pulper is modified design based on similar foreign products. It is divided into feeding, pulping and screening three regions. This structure integrates pulping and screening as a whole body. It can achieve continuous pulping under high consistency and at the same time it sieves the coarse impurity with the disposal consistency of 14%~18%. With low energy consumption and minimal fiber damage advantages.

Paper Machine Felt

Paper making felt is a very important spare part of paper machine, it play an important role in sheet transfer, paper water filtration, etc., different paper machine part use corresponding felts to to make the paper to meet the production requirements. So what do you know about the felt? How to deal with some problems arising from felt during production?

Headbox Paper Machine for Sale

The technical performance of the sheet largely depends on the headbox and its quality, thus placing high demands on the accuracy of the headbox. Only to the greatest extent possible to ensure its accuracy in order to get a stable paper performance, such as quantitative banners, the main direction of the fiber and uniform forming. So what should a good headbox have?

Paper Breaking in Paper Machine Forming Part

During paper making process, there will be occur some problems that influence paper quality and capacity, paper broke is common problems in the papermaking process, will cause great losses to producers. Our engineer summarized some reasons and solutions in the production line, hope give you some support.

Paper Machine Drying Section

Drying section paper disease is generally water droplets, dry-screen printing, due to defects in the dry wire caused the defects of the paper strip, sizing machine caused by the discount and ribs. So what should pay attention in the operation to avoid these problems?

Bale Breaker Dry Screening System

“Bale Breaker Dry Screening System” is a complete system for dispersing waste paper into sheets, facilitating the sorting of waste paper and effectively removing light and heavy impurities by dry process.

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