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Corrugated Paper Making Line

Horizontal Reeling Machine For Cardboard Paper Machine

In a cardboard paper manufacturing process, the horizontal reeling machine plays a crucial role in efficiently handling and organizing the produced paper.

Dryer Cylinder For High-strength Corrugated Paper Machine

Our company, Leizhan Machinery, is proud to offer high-quality dryer cylinders specifically designed for high-strength corrugated paper machines. Our dryer cylinders are manufactured with precision and durability in mind, ensuring a reliable and efficient drying process for your corrugated paper production.

Reeling Machine for 5200mm Corrugated Paper Machine

Reeling Machine, also called paper reeling machine, is one of the key equipment in the paper manufacturing and processing process. It is mainly used to reel paper from the paper machine and form roll paper or reel paper for subsequent processing and use.

Breast Roll For 5200 mm Double Layer Paper Machine

In the paper making line, the role of breast roll is very important. It is located at the front end of the paper entering the machine, which can help control and maintain the tension and positioning of the paper throughout the production process.

4360mm Rewinding Machine For Corrugated Paper Making Line

Rewinding machine is a special equipment for paper making. Its purpose is to rewind the paper rolls produced by the paper making machine in sequence. After rewinding, the paper is made into finished paper and shipped out of the factory.

Paper Machine Press Roll For Paper Mill

This article aims to provide insights into the paper press roll applied in a paper machine producing 68t daily, enabling customers to gain a deeper understanding of the machinery’s intricacies.

Dryer Cylinder For 100T Corrugated Paper Machine

The paper machine dryer cylinder is an important component in the paper making process. Its function is to heat and dry the wet paper through hot air to evaporate the water in the paper, so that the paper has the required dryness and quality.

Sizing Machine For Liner Paper Machine

Sizing machines can improve production efficiency and quality, ensure even coating of adhesive, and reduce waste and labor costs. When manufacturing products, even application of glue is critical to product quality and stability.

Reeling Machine For Corrugated Paper Machine

The reeling machine is a key element in paper manufacturing, indispensable for driving production efficiency, ensuring paper quality, optimizing space utilization, and facilitating automated operations. It serves as a vital component within the realm of paper machine equipment.

Drum Screen For Paper Making Equipment

The drum screen paper pulping machine is an essential instrument employed in the paper pulping process. It is specifically designed to effectively remove impurities and separate fibers from the pulp.

30T Duplex Paper Board Machine

In order to improve production efficiency and operational advantages, our duplex paper board machine adopts cutting-edge automation technology and streamlined production processes.

Multi Disc Thickener Operating Site In Dongmiao

On March 14, 2023, paper making line of Dongmiao started to operate. Multi disc thickener used in paper pulp preparation line are supplied by Leizhan. If you want to know more details about thickener, welcome to contact us.

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