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Kraft Liner Paper Making Line

Hengan Paper Mill Paper Machine Using Site

Customers are very satisfied with our paper machine products. The performance of the paper machine is stable and reliable, improving production efficiency. At the same time, the high-quality after-sales service provided by our team also makes customers feel very at ease.

Jiangxi Wanzai Xinke Paper Machine Operating Site

Looking to the future, Zhengzhou Leizhan Machinery has always adhered to the tenet of quality first and customer first, constantly improving product quality and technical level, and providing customers with high-quality equipment and services.

200TD Paper Making Line Operating Site In Macross

Macross has strong customer base and extensive market influence. The 200TD paper making line is one of its important projects. This cooperation with Zhengzhou Leizhan Machinery will inject new impetus into its modernization construction.

Using Site of Double Disc Refiner In Hubei

On April 6th, packaging paper mill of Jingzhou, Hubei began to operate machines there. Double disc refiner is the product that provided by Leizhan. Double Disc refiner has a lot of advantages in the process paper making.

Double Disc Refiner For Paper Making Project

One of customers of Leizhan began to operate the Double Disc Refiner. Double disc refiner is applied to pulp waste paper and improve the beating degree of the paper pulp. Double disc refiner can work in single or is used with other machines. All machines applied in waste paper pulping line can be supplied in Leizhan.

The Lifting Site of Drum Pulper

Lifting work of Drum Pulper of Zhengzhou Dongmiao began to operate on April 22th, 2022. The preparatory work of Drum Pulper has finished on April 7th. The secondary work started-Lifting. Drum Pulper is favored by regular and new customers.

Low Density Cleaner For Removing Impurities

Low density cleaner is usually applied to remove heavy impurities in the pulp, like gravel, scrap iron, dust and large ink particles. The body of low density cleaner is stainless steel and the bottom of cone adopts wear-resistant ceramics. Low density cleaner has high slag efficiency.

High Capacity Kraft Coating Paper Making Machine For Paper Mill

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Fourdrinier Kraft Corrugated Fluting White Top Duplex Board Paper Making Machine

Our company offer whole paper making line for paper mill. You can send email to us if you need. Email:

Kraft Liner paper Corrugated Paper Making Machine

Welcome email us if you are interested in our kraft paper making machine, we can offer you whole kraft paper making

Waste Paper Recycle Production Line For Kraft Paper

If you want to know more about out kraft paper making machine, you can send email to us,

Pulp Machine High Density Cleaner

High Density Cleaner can clean pulp with high consistence,it’s a ideal choice for paper company to improve quality ,grades and clean pulp , specially the effect to clean waste pulp is better.

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