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Kraft Liner Paper Making Line

High Capacity Kraft Coating Paper Making Machine For Paper Mill

We can offer whole kraft paper making line for paper mill, welcome email us to get more machine details and price. Email:

Fourdrinier Kraft Corrugated Fluting White Top Duplex Board Paper Making Machine

Our company offer whole paper making line for paper mill. You can send email to us if you need. Email:

Kraft Liner paper Corrugated Paper Making Machine

Welcome email us if you are interested in our kraft paper making machine, we can offer you whole kraft paper making

Waste Paper Recycle Production Line For Kraft Paper

If you want to know more about out kraft paper making machine, you can send email to us,

Pulp Machine High Density Cleaner

High Density Cleaner can clean pulp with high consistence,it’s a ideal choice for paper company to improve quality ,grades and clean pulp , specially the effect to clean waste pulp is better.

Inflow Pressure Screen For Paper Making

Recently we received feedback from our customers in India, which purchased 1m³ Inflow pressure screen has been installed before paper machine and running smoothly, the effect is very good, that make customer very satisfied.

Approach System For Paper Making Line

The mixture pulp mixed with white water diluted into suitable concentration and flow for papermaking , and after the process of purified, screening and degassing flow to the headbox. Mainly include the headbox, pulse decay tank, cone-shaped cleaner, punching pump, pressure screen, dilution water device, pulp pipe, pulp pool and related ancillary equipment and other components.

D Type Hydrapulper In Paper Pulping Line

Leizhan supply 20m³ D type hydrapulper for Russian Paper Mill, this pulper equipment is used for waste paper pulping. Generally the hydrapulper used with other equipment as supporting equipment, so how much do you know about D type hydrapulper and the continuous pulping system?

150T/D Kraft Paper Puling Line

Good news! Leizhan signed a successful contract with the  Egypt Paper Mill, we delivered paper pulp machine for customer’s new 150T/D kraft paper pulping line, this pulping line can make pulp for corrugated, white carton and kraft paper making project. This cooperation mainly delivered M.C. coarse pressure screen, High-speed stock washer, Inflow pressure screen, and Drum pulper gear, etc.

Paper Pulp Machine

Recently  we help Indian paper making friend to upgrade their original paper pulping line. The purpose of this cooperation is to improve the production capacity of the production line, provide them new type paper pulp machine.

150T/D Wrapping Paper Pulping Project

Wrapping paper is widely used in our life, we provide wrapping paper pulp machine for Egypt paper making friends, and thanks for their trust, we believe that this machine can bring more benefits for our paper making friends.

Pulper Equipment In Pulping Project

Recently Leizhan provided pulper equipment for the Egyptian papermaking company’s 150t/d pulp production line. The mainly equipment is drum pulper for 150t/d pulping process, this is the customer’s affirmation and recognition of Leizhan exhibition, we are excited to serve our customers with greater efforts for our mutual benefits.

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