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Kraft Liner Paper Making Line

Paper Mill Machine Double Disc Refiner

Our company has developed a cutting-edge double-disc refiner by incorporating and adapting advanced foreign technology, tailored to the specific needs and production requirements of the global paper making industry.

High Quality 4600mm Fluting Paper Machine

Leizhan Company is renowned for its top-notch paper making machinery, and our newest product, the 4600mm fluting paper making machine, is gaining popularity among paper mills globally.

Daily Production 140T Kraft Paper Making Machine

The 140T/D kraft paper making machine offered by Leizhan can manufacture premium 3800mm wide kraft paper rolls. If you’re interested in learning more about this kraft paper making machine, feel free to reach out to us via email for additional details.

High Speed ​​Stock Washer For Paper Mill

High speed ​​​​stock washer is a new type of pulp concentration and washing equipment that our company has successfully developed based on the absorption of foreign advanced technology.

Packaging Paper Machine For Paper Mill

This article mainly introduces the DCS control system of a packaging paper machine with a Finished paper width of 4300mm. This is a DCS system control system project for the crushing pulping and paper making workshop.

High Quality Kraft Liner Paper Machine

The equipment configuration of this 150t kraft liner paper machine can achieve the predetermined production capacity, and the internal and external performance requirements of the paper machine are first considered.

Headbox For Kraft Paper Making Project

The headbox is an important part of the paper machine. Its main function is to generate a stable flow of pulp to the feed to ensure the uniformity of the paper and other characteristics.

Gloss Calender For Kraft Paper Machine

In order for customers to better understand the details of the paper machine, Leizhan Machinery introduces the gloss calender of the kraft paper machine in this article. I hope it will be helpful to you.

Machine For Kraft Paper Making Line

Our kraft paper manufacturing equipment incorporates cutting-edge and creative designs to effectively produce premium paper that meets your production requirements.

Hengan Paper Mill Paper Machine Using Site

Customers are very satisfied with our paper machine products. The performance of the paper machine is stable and reliable, improving production efficiency. At the same time, the high-quality after-sales service provided by our team also makes customers feel very at ease.

Jiangxi Wanzai Xinke Paper Machine Operating Site

Looking to the future, Zhengzhou Leizhan Machinery has always adhered to the tenet of quality first and customer first, constantly improving product quality and technical level, and providing customers with high-quality equipment and services.

200TD Paper Making Line Operating Site In Macross

Macross has strong customer base and extensive market influence. The 200TD paper making line is one of its important projects. This cooperation with Zhengzhou Leizhan Machinery will inject new impetus into its modernization construction.

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