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Pulp Machine

ZZJZJ Series Heavy Slag Extruder

Heavy slag extruder is able to dewater and thicken paper pulp in the tailing fine screen process. Heavy slag extruder has advantages of small oppcupied area, low operating cost, unattended operation, strong concentration adaptability, etc.

HXS Series Arc Screen

Arc screen is applied to deal with white water in pulping and paper making process and recover fibers. Arc screen is able to purify and thicken the accept pulp and tailing in the screening and cleaning system. Arc screen in Leizhan has high quality and reasonable price.

XZNS Series New Mid-Consistency Pressure Screen

New mid consistency pressure screen is able to get rid of heavy impurities and stickies. New mid consistency pressure screen optimizes the screen basket size, effectively reducing fiber loss and reduce the possibility of clogging. New mid consistency pressure screen has advantages of wider application, suitable for various raw materials, easy operaion, etc

CSYTS Series Drum Screen For Coarse Screening

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ZSZ Series Broken Pulper

Broken pulper is mainly used to deal with broken paper produced in various paper machine pressing, calendering, reeling and other parts. Broken pulper is mainly composed of pulp chest, rotor, sieve plate, transmission device, drive device, transmission shield and so on. Broken pulper is able to collect and reuse the waste paper produced in the paper making process effectively.

TZJ Series Slag Lifting Machine

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RF Series Double Disc Refiner

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SZS Broken Paper Pulper

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ZG Series Drum Pulper

Drum type hydrapulper is used in the paper making industry to breaking continuously and coarse screening of the waste paper material under the high consistency.

ZDSD Series D Type Hydrapulper

New Type D Type Hydrapulper is mainly used to crush pulp board, wastepaper, deinking, and pulp purification. With continuous pulping and deslagging system, large light and heavy impurities in pulper can be rejected in time,

ZNS Series Mid Consistency Pressure Screen

Paper mill machine ZNS series mid consistency pressure screen is an advanced paper pulp screening equipment in contemporary international world.

NLS Series Inflow Pressure Screen

NLS series inflow pressure screen is advanced paper pulp production equipment in the modern world in the fine screening of wood pulp, straw pulp and waste paper pulp.

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