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Coating Board Paper Making Line

Calender For Single Press Coated Paper Machine

The calendar machine is a crucial component in the paper production process. Its purpose is to enhance the quality of wet cardboard by providing a flat and smooth finish.

Paper Making Machine Operating Site in China

On October 9th 2022, Paper making line 2 of Qinyang Yadu paper making mill began to run. Customer ordered the whole paper making and pulping machine from Leizhan. It mainly includes Inflow Pressure Screen, Chain Conveyor, Low Density Cleaner, Pulp Pump, Agitator, etc.

Coating White Board Paper Project in China

On January 6th, 2022, coating white board paper making line of one customer of Leizhan began to operate. The customer, Zhenjiang Huatian is one of regular customers of Leizhan. Machines applied in whole coating white board paper making line are provided by Leizhan.

Coating Board Paper Making Line For Paper Mill

Welcome email us if you need our paper and pulp machine, we can offer you coating board paper making line. Email:

Coating Board Paper Pulping Line

Coating Board Paper making process use waste paper as raw material, Leizhan supply the whole complete paper pulp machine for Guangdong Yaode Paper Mill, which develop a new 250,000 tons per year coating paper making line. Paper machine quality has a important influence in pulp quality and finished paper quality, the equipment Leizhan Supplied can meet the requirements of high-grade paper making.

150TPD Coating Paper Pulping Line

Leizhan supplied the whole set paper pulp machine for Egypt Paper Mill’s 150t/d coating paper making line. To produce high quality paper, we need to tightly control every step of the production process, not only pulping process, but also the last stage-paper production process. This time we delivered Drum Pulper for customer.

Drum Pulper For Paper Pulping Process

Leizhan delivered Drum Pulper as the first shipment for Guangdong Yaode Paper Mill, which ordered the whole complete paper pulp machine for a new 250,000 tons per year wrapping paper production line, this pulping line use waste paper to produce pulp for kraft paper, corrugated paper, coating paper, etc.

Chain Conveyor In UAE

Leizhan delivered Chain Conveyor paper machine for the UAE Paper Mill, they ordered this machine for their coating paper pulping line. So why paper making friends choose Leizhan paper machine in many supplier? What’s the advantage of Leizhan paper machine that other supplier don’t have?

130T/D Yarn Tube Paper Making Line

Recently Leizhan provide the whole complete paper pulp machine for a new 130t/d Yarn Tube Paper Making Line in Ukraine Paper Mill, we design the project according to customer’s requirements, in the same production capacity, this puling line reduce more energy consumption for customers, meanwhile we also produce paper machine, which adopt advance international technology to produce high quality paper.

Pulping Equipment In Coating Paper Production Line

A new project has been successfully signed between Leizhan and Jiangxi Wanzai Paper Co,. Ltd. Leizhan supply the whole set pulping machine for 200t/d coating paper production line, these equipment mainly include Drum pulper, Inflow pressure screen, Chain conveyor, etc.