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Pulper Equipment

ZSZ Series Broken Pulper

Broken pulper is mainly used to deal with broken paper produced in various paper machine pressing, calendering, reeling and other parts. Broken pulper is mainly composed of pulp chest, rotor, sieve plate, transmission device, drive device, transmission shield and so on. Broken pulper is able to collect and reuse the waste paper produced in the paper making process effectively.

TZJ Series Slag Lifting Machine

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SZS Broken Paper Pulper

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ZG Series Drum Pulper

Drum type hydrapulper is used in the paper making industry to breaking continuously and coarse screening of the waste paper material under the high consistency.

ZDSD Series D Type Hydrapulper

New Type D Type Hydrapulper is mainly used to crush pulp board, wastepaper, deinking, and pulp purification. With continuous pulping and deslagging system, large light and heavy impurities in pulper can be rejected in time,


Grapple paper plant equipment is mainly used for grappling heavy and large impurities from sediment well in pulp and paper making industry.

SBJ Series Bales Breaker

SBJ series waste paper bale breaker Waste paper bale Opening and dry screening system is used for waste paper bales breaking and selecting.

ZDS Series Vertical Hydrapulper

ZDS Series Vertical Hydrapulper is mainly used for breaking pulp board, damage paper and waste paper, etc. in in pulp processing line. Energy-saving VOKES rotor

ZDSG Series High Consistency Pulper

High consistency hydrapulper Paper Pulping System Machine is used for breaking the waste paper in high consistency. defibering of the waste paper

ZDSZ Series M.C. Hydrapulper

ZDSZ Series M.C. Hydrapulper is mainly used for separating waste paper and ink under high consistency in waste paper deinking process.

ZST Series Drum Screen

ZST series drum screen is used to remove light impurity in recycled paper pulping system.>Optimized helical blade and water spray system ensures the high purity of paper pulp and less fiber loss.

ZTS Series Ragger

ZTS Series Ragger paper mill machine is mainly used for removing various kinds of twisting impurities in slurry like iron wire, string, plastic, cotton yarn, etc.

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