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Pulp Machine Parts

Pulping Equipment Double Disc Refiner for Sale

Double disc refiner is suitable for continuous pulping of chemical wood pulp, mechanical pulp and waste paper pulp, Suitable slurry concentration 2-5%.

Waste Paper Pulp Machine-Single Fiber Separator

Waste Paper Pulp Machine- Single fiber separator is a modern equipment for crushing, separating and screening fibers in papermaking pulping process

Paper Making Equipment-Sludge Dewatering Machine for Sale

Sludge Dewatering Machine Mainly Used to Concentrate Sludge in Paper Making Industry, Muicipal Engineering. The Quality of Machine is Good,We Have 38 Years in Paper Machine Making.

Disc Thickener for Paper Pulp Making Line

Disc Thickener Mainly Used for White Water Recovery during Paper making process,and Slurry Concentration during Pulping. Dewatering capacity of Disc Thickener is Good

Vertical Hydrapulper

Vertical Hydrapulper mainly used for breaking pulp board, damage power, waste paper and etc. Continuously pulping, low consumption.Energy-saving VOKES

Bleaching Tower

Bleaching Tower mainly used for high concentration of hydrogen peroxide blenching of deinking pulp. The cone structure of tower reduce the possibility of stock bridging.

Inflow Pressure Screen

Inflow pressure screen is advanced paper pulp screening equipment in the modern world, which has great ability of screening function and low puls. It can be disassembed and assembed conveniently. Operate simply and cost low maintenance.

Reject Separator

Reject Separator can be used for fiber relief and imourities separate for taliing in the coarse screen system.Closed working condition,clean environment.Maintenance easy and convenient. Effectively separates fibers and impurities to achieve fiber recovery of up to 70%.