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Cultural Paper Making Line

Waste Paper Making Equipment Manufacturer

Leizhan Machinery has a professional team and advanced production technology to ensure that product quality reaches the industry-leading level. In this article, Leizhan Machinery will introduce the most common paper disease in thin paper production, namely pinholes.

Bale Breaker In Paper Making Line

The bale breaker plays a crucial role in the initial processing of waste paper, shredding it to facilitate further pulping processes.

D Type Hydrapulper For Waste Paper Making Line

The primary crushing mechanism of the D type hydrapulper involves the impeller and rotor. As the impeller and rotor spin, the high-consistency pulp is pushed outwards radially. Additionally, the two spiral blades on the rotor rotate axially within the tank, facilitating the efficient dehydration and rehydration of the waste paper pulp.

Paper Machine High-Speed Stock Washer

A high-speed stock washer is primarily employed to wash and thicken waste paper pulp during the processing phase. We also offer corresponding machinery for high-speed stock washing, and we can customize the replacement parts as per your specific requirements.

30T Printing Paper Machine For Sale

The advanced manufacturing technology and automated control system employed by the printing paper machine significantly improve production efficiency and capacity, guaranteeing the production of top-quality, high-definition cultural paper suitable for a wide range of printing needs and preferences.

Paper Pulping Machine Energy-Saving Pressure Screen

Our energy-saving pressure screen is revolutionizing the paper industry with its innovative upflow structure design. Unlike traditional pressure screens, our cutting-edge technology ensures maximum efficiency while minimizing energy consumption.

100T A4 Copy Paper Making Line

Introducing our revolutionary 100T A4 copy paper making Line, a game-changer in the paper industry. With its exceptional production capacity, this state-of-the-art machine empowers paper mills to meet the ever-increasing demand for A4 copy paper.

High Quality Paper Machine Eccentric Pulper

Eccentric pulper plays a key role in the paper production line. It is a very important equipment used to completely break up various paper materials such as waste paper and waste cartons and convert them into cellulose fibers.

A4 Paper Making Machine Full Automatic

Through the A4 paper making machine, the composition of the pulp, the uniformity of the pulp, and the pressing and coating processes of the paper can be effectively controlled to ensure the production of writing paper with high quality and excellent performance.

Paper Production Line Machine Calender

Calenders play a key role in the paper production process and are often used for paper processing. Its main function is to perform pressure treatment on the paper to make the surface of the paper flat and smooth.

20T A4 Copy Paper Making Machine

The writing paper production line adopts advanced production technology and equipment, which can help customers achieve high-speed continuous production and improve production efficiency.

Paper Machine Broken Pulper For Paper Mill

Broken pulper is a key equipment for waste paper recycling. Waste paper is a renewable resource. Through the processing of broken pulper, waste paper can be effectively broken down into fibers, impurities removed, and regenerated into high-quality pulp.

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