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Corrugated Paper Making Line

Chain Conveyor for Pulp Board Conveying

Chain Conveyor is an indispensable equipment for pulp board conveying at paper mill, Chain Conveyor’s conveying effect is the first step in the pulping process

Paper Making Felt for Paper Conveying

Fabric felt Mainly used for paper forming, Wet paper press dehydration and conveying in the paper industry. There are wet felt, Up felt and dry felt

Waste Paper Coarse Screening Machine Drum Pulper

The drum pulper combines pulping and coarse screening into one. Drum Pulper has the characteristics of simple structure, practicality and high efficiency.

Headbox’s Effect on Formation Defects in the Sheet

During the process of paper making, there was may be defects in paper and evenness, and what are the causes of formation defects in the sheet

Waste Paper Breaking Equipment Bale Breaker

The main function of the Bale Breaker is to loosen the bundle of compacted waste paper and screen the waste paper to remove some small impurities mixed in it.

3200mm Corrugated Cardboard Paper Machine

3200mm Corrugated Cardboard Paper Machine can produce kraft Paper liner board paper, carton medium paper by using waste carton or wood virgin pulp.

1575mm Yarn Tube Making Machine

Yarn tube paper is mainly used for cores and pipes, industrial pipe, plastic pipe, etc. production. Leizhan supply the complete bobbin fibre production line.

Paper Machine Drying Section Could Cylinder

The dry paper sheet has a moisture content of about 4 to 6% and a temperature of 70 to 90°C. Because over-drying is not conducive to the calendering operation, a cold cylinder is provided at the end of the drying section.

High Grade Corrugated Paper Machine For Sale

High grade corrugated paper machine use waste paper as raw material to produce 130-300g/㎡ corrugated paper, fluting paper, the paper making machine installation and operation under the guide of our engineer, is more simple for customer.

Grapple in Paper Making Process

Paper processing machine grapple is used for grapple heavy impurities from the dregs-sinking well, mainly used in the paper making industry.

3200mm Kraft Corrugated Paper Machine for Sale

Paper making industry usually use waste paper to produce kraft paper and corrugated paper, and one paper machine can manufacture kraft paper, corrugated paper, fluting paper, testliner paper. 3200mm three layer wire paper machine we supplied used for 80-300g/㎡ corrugated and kraft paper making.

150tpd High Strength Corrugated Paper Making Project

Leizhan supplied the complete waste paper recycling machine for Vietnam Paper Mill, which set up a new high strength corrugated paper, the paper making machine has been installed and operation smoothly, customer is very satisfied with the efficiency.

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