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Factors That Influence The Effect Of Calender


Calender, with calender for certain moisture content of paper or paperboard processing, to improve the smoothness and gloss of paper, the process of controlling the thickness of paper or cardboard to some extent.

How many factors influence the effect of calender?

Press section number: the more pressure area passed, the more calendering effect on the paper, the higher natural calendering effect. But according to the structure of the calender, this seems to be the result of high pressure due to a large number of pressure areas, or more rollers. With the same line pressure, the results show that the number of press areas is high and the effect is good.

Line pressure: the higher line pressure, the stronger the compression effect in the pressure area, the better the transfer effect. However, it must be pointed out that the improvement of its effect is limited. After a certain limit, the calendering effect will not be increased, and the mechanical strength of the paper will be greatly reduced.

Working speed: General speed increases, the calendering effect will be reduced.

Water: when the water content of paper page increases, plasticity increases, it is advantageous to pressure light, but when the water is too big, it will compress too tightly, make the transparency greatly increase, the page appears dark, namely the appearance of the black phenomenon. Therefore, water content is generally controlled at 6-8%.

Temperature: the higher the temperature of the pressure zone, the more favorable the plastic deformation of the paper page, so as to improve the effect of calendering.

Type of calendering roller: soft calender technology, the use of elastic roller absorbs the unevenness of paper, so that the paper completely and iron roller surface contact, after calendering the sheet tightness smoothly and continuous change, the sheet surface feature is invalid

Properties of paper pages: generally speaking, the paper pages are soft and plastic, easy to produce good transfer effect in the area of pressure, so as to improve the calendering effect.

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