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Sizing Machine For Paper Making

sizing machine

In the process of paper making, after the drying, some paper needs further surface treatment to meet the higher surface performance requirements. The surface treatment of paper can be divided into surface sizing and calendering. This article introduces the surface sizing of paper.

Paper sizing method divides into engine sizing and off-machine sizing. Engine sizing is usually carried out in the drying section of the paper machine. It is widely used because of the simple operation and structure. Off-machine sizing is sizing the unloaded paper rolls outside paper machine, because the Off-machine sizing is expensive, the operation is complicated, so it is used for some special paper that has high glue amount or need to be impregnated

The main function of surface sizing

1. Improve the surface performance of paper pages
2. Improve the suitable printing performance of paper pages
3. Reduce the two sides of the page
4. Improve the gap structure and absorption performance of paper pages.
5. Surface sizing can also improve the physical strength of paper pages, such as improving the folding, breaking and tensile strength of the paper pages.

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