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A4 Paper Machine for Paper Mill

a4 paper machine for paper mill

A4 paper machine mainly produce high-grade office paper and school learning paper. The transmission mode is AC frequency conversion control segment drive, double layer arrangement, slurry ratio 40% straw pulp, chemical pulp 30%, wood pulp 30%

The headbox is a hydraulic headbox and is welded all stainless steel. The length of the long net section is 17m and the height is 2.5m. The press section is composed of vacuum suction and four-roller three-pressure zone composite press.

Main parameters of A4 paper machine

1. Trimmed Width: 1880(mm)- 3750(mm)
2. Basis Weight: 40(g/m²)-80(g/m²)
3. Operating Speed: 200-1200(m/min)
4. Production Capacity: 20-270(t/d)
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