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Double Disc Refiners’ Common Faults and Solutions

double disc refiners' common faults and solutions

The double-disc refiner is the most critical equipment for high-yield pulping.Double Disc Refiner is usually composed of a moving disc and a fixed disc. It can be used as a hot mill or a medium-concentration, high-concentration refiner.

Main Trouble and Solutions for Double Disc Refiner

1. The vibration of the disc machine: The deviation between the mill and the motor is too large, causing vibration. Therefore, after running for a period of time, the gear coupling must be loosened and the reset should be verified with a dial indicator.

2. Hard objects enter the refiner: And noise of different sizes occurs. If it is a small metal object, a harsh sound will occur. The gap between the discs should be adjusted as soon as possible to separate the discs. If it is a large hard object, the refining should be stopped immediately, and the grinding chamber should be opened for inspection.

3. Platters into and out of the knife: If the phenomenon of unsatisfactory retraction of the infeed occurs, first give up the hydraulic cylinder, check the oil level of the hydraulic station, and check if the piston rod of the cylinder is stuck.

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