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Characteristics And Raw Materials Of Different Pulper In Paper Making Line

Our company is spealized in pulp & paper equipment manufacturing in China for 39 years. There are about 50 paper mills near our factory and most of them are using our machines.

We can offer the whole pulp and paper production line. From factory design to machine installation and training, our company can supply for you all.

Drum Pulper |

Drum pulper is suitable for output greater than 80 tpd paper making line, the Drum pulper is mainly used in corrugated paper making line, it also can adopted in large output culture paper , tissue paper making line, but it should consider the material.

D Type Hydrapulper |

The D Type Hyderpulper can use kinds of material to make paper pulp. The features of D Type Hydrapulper are: VOKES rotor deviates from the center and makes the paper stock and rotor connect more rapidly and a high frequency.

High Consistency Hydrapulper |

The High Density Cleaner is intermittent beaten paper pulp, it suitable for raw materials with ink dots

M.C.Hydrapulper |

Continuous pulpingļ¼Œsuitable for commodity wood pulp, and it suitable for large output paper making line, if you want small output paper making line, you can choose D Type Hydrapulper or Vertical Hydrapulper .

Vertical Hydrapulper |

It suitable for small output paper making line, and it use wood pulp as material.

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