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Calender For Single Press Coated Paper Machine

The hard roller of the calender is forged from alloy, and the shaft head is made of 35CrMo. The hard roller has a large diameter, and the tungsten carbide sprayed on the surface with a diameter of 800 mm has high hardness, which is conducive to heat sealing and calendering of the paper. The high hardness and high mirror surface are beneficial to extending the service life of the roller surface and improving the smoothness and flatness of the paper.

The rotary joint of the hard roller of the calender adopts a large diameter to increase the circulation speed of hot oil to avoid surface temperature differences. The hard roller has a two-in-one drill structure around the perimeter, which effectively avoids surface temperature difference problems and controls the surface temperature difference within 1ÂșC. Since the heating oil is fed into the operating side, a heat insulation device is added to the shaft head on the operating side to effectively protect the bearing.

Main Feature of Calender

1. Double insurance system to protect personal safety to the greatest extent.

2. The initial design of the heat roller is arranged on the top, and the upper and lower roller bodies can be freely interchanged, which can arbitrarily improve the smoothness of any side of the paper.

3. The installation dimensions of the bearing shells of the soft and hard rollers are consistent, meeting the requirements for interchangeability of soft and hard rollers.

4. The electronic control system requires power load distribution to ensure that the paper does not break when the rollers are closed.

5. The paper threading rope makes paper feeding convenient and reliable, which greatly increases the safety of operation and use.

6. Compact structure and small footprint.

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