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Drum Pulper For Paper Pulping Process

Drum Pulper Machine

Leizhan delivered Drum Pulper as the first shipment for Guangdong Yaode Paper Mill, which ordered the whole complete paper pulp machine for a new 250,000 tons per year wrapping paper production line, this pulping line use waste paper to produce pulp for kraft paper, corrugated paper, coating paper, etc.

Delivered site

Time: 2017.08.18

Customer: Guangdong Yaode Paper Mill

Finished paper: kraft paper, corrugated paper, coating paper

Capacity: 250,000T per year

Drum pulper

This time we delivered Drum pulper for customer, use Drum pulper in this big production capacity is reasonable. Firstly although the Drum pulper investment, in big capacity pulping line the Drum pulper is more cost-effective. secondly the Drum pulper can replace the whole continuous pulping system, need less equipment in pulping process, can be continuous automatic slag to save manpower. Meanwhile the gentle pulping can protect fiber and effectively separate large impurities, reduce the burden of follow-up equipment.