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Duplex Board Paper Making Line Machine

Leizhan Company has conducted extensive research on the paper market and continuously innovates to enhance the duplex board paper making line machinery, aligning it with current market demands. Our customizable duplex board paper making line machinery can be tailored to maximize the benefits for the customer based on their specific requirements.

Duplex Board Paper Pulp Making Line Machine Information

1. Conveyor machine: Chain Conveyor

2. Pulper machine: D Type Hydrapulper

3. Cleaning machine: High Density Cleaner, Reject Separator

4. Screening machine: Middle Consistency Pressure Screen, Fine Pressure Screen, Inflow Pressure Screen

5. Refining machine: Double Disc Refiner

Leizhan company boasts extensive expertise in manufacturing pulp and paper production line machines, backed by years of experience. Additionally, we offer installation guidance to guarantee the efficient operation of our machines.

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