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Precautions For Paper Machine Wet Part

Paper machine wet part chemistry is an interactive, complex system of fibers, water, chemical excipients, fillers and ionic charges—acting simultaneously to seek stability and destabilize it. Leizhan Machinery’s paper machine wet part equipment can design different solutions according to the requirements of different customers.

Precautions for the wet part of paper machine

1. Clean water should only enter the main white water tank where it will have the least impact.

2. Poor mixing in the white water tank may lead to stratification and precipitation of heavy components.

3. If the white water tank is too small, there may be excessive water input; the tank capacity must match the amount of paper loss.

4. For poorly operating filters or white water recovery units, check for low white water concentrations.

5. Changes in thick slurry consistency and freeness can cause imbalance.

The correct approach is that there should be a reasonable, ongoing control system to prevent excessive aggregation anywhere within the system. If you are perfecting the wet part of your paper making process, please contact us. Email: