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150T/20H Iran Stock Preparation Project

Paper pulp machine

Do you know the paper pulping process and what the role paper equipment play in working process? Our engineer design project for Iran coating paper pulp production line, and this is some technical parameter about paper pulp machine you can see as following note.

Pulping process

Raw material: LOCC

Capacity: 150T/D

Equipment: Chain conveyor–Drum pulper–High density cleaner–Mid consistency coarse screen–Single effect fiber separator–Reject separator –Mid density cleaner–Fractionating screen–Low density cleaner–1st stage M.C.fine screen–2st stage M.C.fine screen–Disc thickener

Main equipment technical parameter

Chain conveyor                                                  Drum pulper

BFW1400.00                                                              Accepts ability: 140-200BDT/D

Feeding capacity:  80-255m3/h                             Pulping consistency: 18%

Feeding speed: 0-1m/min                                        Accepts consistency: 3-4%

High density cleaner                                         Mid consistency coarse screen

Accepts consistency: 2-5%                                       Screen area: 0.9 m2
Accepts capacity: 135-250BDT/D                       Operating pressure : 0.2-0.3MPa
Pulp inlet consistency: 3~4%                             Operating pressure difference: 0.01-0.03Mpa                                                                                                Slurry discharge rate: 15-25%

Through-out capacity:  5800-7500 l/min