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150TPD White Coating Board Paper Production Line

white coating board paper machine

White coating board paper making contain stock preparation line and paper machine two steps, the pulping line divides wood pulp preparation and recycling pulp; the high quality paper machine take a very important role in finished paper quality.

White Coating Board Paper Machine

Output Paper: Coated white paper
Base Weight: 200-450g/m²
Trimmed width: 3200mm
Operating Speed: 150m/min
Production Capacity: 150t/d
Operation Method: AC variable frequency sectional drive

Technical requirements

Slurry ratio: deinking office waste paper pulp, scrap pulp, deinking waste newspaper pulp
Pulp feeding concentration: 0.2-0.8%

Paper making process
Open type headbox – fourdrinier wire (bottom wire case length 24m), wire forming machine (wire length 7m), core forming machine (wire length 11m) – Vacuum press – double felt large press roller – single felt large diameter press roller – 24 sets Φ1800 dryer cylinder. Dryer arrangement: 8 +8 + sizing machine +8 → two-roll calendering machine → B / M → a coating (primer) → drying box → 2st stage coating (surface coating) → state cylinder → soft calendering(two pairs) → state cylinder → B / M → horizontal pneumatic reel → underfeed rewinder