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200T/D Boxboard Paper Making Line

Paper pulp machine

This Pulping process is designed according to double-layer paper machine, produce  mid-range board paper, kraft paper, corrugated paper, fluting paper, etc. We designed this kraft paper making project for Iran paper making friends according to their production capacity.

Pulping system

Raw material: LOCC(bottom layer pulp), wood pulp(top layer pulp )

50T/D LOCC pulping process: Chain conveyor–Drum pulper–High density cleaner–M.C. coarse pressure screen–Fiber separator–Reject separator–Mid density cleaner–Fractionating screen–1st stage Low density cleaner–2st stage Low density cleaner–3st stage Low density cleaner–M.C.fine pressure screen–inclined screen–Inflow pressure screen

200T/D Wood pulping process: Chain conveyor–M.C. hydrapulper–High density cleaner–Conical refiner–Double disc refiner–Inflow pressure screen

Kraft paper machine

Finished paper: Kraft paper, Boxboard paper

Capacity: 200T/D

Basic weight: 110-140g

Trimmed width: 3600mm

Working speed: 300-460m/min

Main distance: Wire: 5075mm, Press: 5050mm, Drying section: 5000mm