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30TPD Cardboard Paper Making

Cardboard paper machine

Cardboard paper making contain stock preparation and cardboard paper machine, this two steps paper machine can be available in Leizhan, paper pulp machine and paper machine are on hot sale in Leizhan.

30t/d cardboard paper machine

Paper kind: Cardboard paper
GSM: 80~250g/㎡
Trimmed width: 2400mm
Working speed: 80~100m/min
Center distance: 3400mm
Drive form: Alternating Converter Sectional Drive

The stock preparation line contain pulper, cleaner, screening, approach flow system and other equipment to make the pulp meet paper making requirement. Leizhan paper pulp machine has the features: long service time, high efficient, reduce energy consumption, etc.

The biggest feature is in waste paper recycling line needn’t use refiner equipment, because our screening equipment can make the pulp reach a suitable beating degree, this can prevent further damage to the fiber, and save large power for paper maker. If you have and need, feel free to contact us.