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4200 mm Coating Board Paper Machine Technical Solution

Thanks to its exceptional quality and printing characteristics, coating board paper finds extensive application in advertising, packaging, and printing industries.

The coating board paper machine employs cutting-edge control systems and precise coating techniques to achieve remarkable precision in coating thickness and consistency. The coating board paper machine is capable of applying various functional coatings, including waterproof, oil-resistant, scratch-resistant, and wear-resistant coatings. These coatings confer a range of special properties and functionalities to the paperboard.

Main process and technical parameters

Paper type: coating board paper

Paper making quantity: 180~300 gsm

Clean paper width: 4200 mm

Roll paper width: 4260 mm

Design speed: 350 m/min

Working speed: 150-250 m/min

Coating method: scraper metering coating

Coating solid content: 58~60%

With outstanding coating capabilities, coating board paper machine offered by Leizhan Machinery ensures complete coverage of the paperboard surface. This, in turn, produces a smooth, uniform, and glossy finish, thereby enhancing the overall appearance and texture of the paperboard. For more information, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Email address: