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Chain Conveyor For Paper Mill

Chain conveyors play a crucial role in the paper making industry, with diverse applications across various stages of the production process. From transporting raw materials to facilitating the smooth operation of pulping and paper making machines, these chain conveyors are vital for maintaining a consistent flow of dry paper and optimizing production efficiency.

Application & Features of Chain Conveyor

1. By subjecting the groove plate to a stamping and forming procedure, we have ensured its durability and ability to withstand impacts effectively.

2. The design of our conveyor chain plate includes a sealed structure to prevent any leakage of materials efficiently.

3. Our choice of a double-row roller traction chain is equipped with a hollow roller shaft, enabling oil injection from the pin to the shaft sleeve. Additionally, we have integrated a wear-resistant bushing made of tin-zinc-copper to enhance durability.

Our chain conveyor is specifically engineered to effortlessly manage large paper rolls, prioritizing the stability and safety of the transported materials. For further details on paper machines and their various uses, feel free to get in touch with us at