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Cleaner Equipment In Pulping Process

cleaner machine

Paper making process contain pulping system and papermaking system, during pulping process, we use many paper equipment to ensure the quality of paper pulp. The following introduce about cleaner equipment in pulping process.

Pulping System

Pulping system includes conveyor&agitator equipment, pulper equipment, cleaner equipment, screening machine, refiner equipment and thickener equipment.

The cleaner equipment is the third stage of pulping process, raw material turn into pulp through pulper machine, and then need cleaner equipment to remove the heavy and light impurities, this can reduce damage to following equipment.

Cleaner equipment

High density cleaner: mainly used after pulper equipment.Double cone structure, great slag separation ability, 304 stainless steel tee, thickened wear-resisting ceramics of cone, long service life.

Low density cleaner: used before or after pressure screen. A stainless steel body, ceramic slag under the cone and mouth, long service life.