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Double Disc Refiner For Pulp Preparation Line

By utilizing Leizhan Machinery’s double disc refiner, factories can preserve fiber quality and decrease power usage, resulting in cost reduction in terms of electricity expenses. Choosing the appropriate double-disc refiner is not only beneficial for cutting down energy costs but also improves the overall energy efficiency of the system.

Application & Features

1. Through intensive shearing and refining of pulp, the double disc refiner by Leizhan Machinery promotes fiber fibrillation and boosts paper strength.

2. The customizable gap between the discs provides accurate refinement control, enabling the achievement of specific paper attributes.

3. Leizhan Machinery’s cutting-edge double disc refiners incorporate sophisticated control systems to supervise the refining process and oversee critical factors like disc speed, pulp consistency, and energy consumption. This ensures effective refining and superior paper quality.

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