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High Grade Cardboard Paper Machine

coated board paper machine

This paper machine produce high grade cardboard paper, it consists of many parts such as back section, cylinder part,press part,dry part,calender,paper rolling machine,foundation part,paper machine auxiliary system and so on.

Paper machine technical parameter

Paper making type: High Grade Cardboard Paper

Paper making capacity:200-350g/m²

Paper width: 2500mm

Rolled paper width:2560mm

Operating speed: 20-50m/min

Production capacity: 20t/d

The whole flow chart

Back section(Φ400)—cylinder section(4只φ1500wire mould)— two main press

double cylinder—calender— common paper rolling machine—final paper product

This paper machine allocation can achieve the designed production capacity. Meanwhile pay attention to its inner and outer performance. This machine is a new one which is elaborated.