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High Quality Paper Mill Machine D Type Hydrapulper

D-type hydrapulper is simple and convenient to operate. You only need to adjust the operating parameters to control and adjust the pulp quality. By crushing paper pulp, the D-type hydrapulper can effectively improve the strength and wear resistance of paper and improve the quality of paper.

Application & Features of D Type Hydrapulper

1. Using hydraulic pulping method, compared with other pulpers, the energy consumption is lower and energy costs are saved.

2. It can effectively reduce waste generation and fiber loss and improve pulp utilization.

3. Using mechanical cutter pulping method, compared with other pulpers using abrasive cutters, it is easier to maintain and replace.

4. The D-type hydrapulper has stability and reliability, ensuring the stable operation of the entire paper making production line and reducing the probability of failure.

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