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Hydrapurger For Paper Pulping Equipment

The main function of hydrapurger is to efficiently eliminate a significant amount of lighter materials and a smaller quantity of heavier debris from the pulper.

The hydrapurger plays a critical role in improving the quality of the pulp by effectively separating unwanted substances, such as plastics, adhesives, and other contaminants, from the pulp mixture. By removing these impurities, the hydrapurger helps enhance the overall cleanliness and purity of the pulp, ensuring a higher quality end product.

Main Specification

1. The installation of the hydrapurger is quick and straightforward, with the use of fastening bolts.

2. Adequate lubrication is ensured at all lubrication points, preventing any oil leakage.

3. The V-belt wheel is designed to be lightweight and flexible, eliminating any instances of jamming.

4. The V-belt is properly adjusted to a moderate tension level and is equipped with a protective cover to ensure its safety and longevity.

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