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Improvement Of Paper Machine Drum Pulper


The drum pulper can adjust the process parameters during the pulping process according to the requirements of different paper types to obtain pulp products of different qualities. The multifunctional drum pulper can meet people’s diverse needs for pulp quality.

Improvement of Drum Pulper

High efficiency and energy saving: By improving the drum structure and blade design, the energy loss during the pulping process is reduced.

Multifunctionality: In addition to preparing conventional pulp, the drum pulper can also be used to prepare special pulp, such as corrugated pulp, coated pulp, household pulp, etc.

Low consumables:
1. The drum and blades are made of wear-resistant materials to extend the service life and reduce the number of replacements;
2. Optimize the blade structure to reduce wear during pulping;
3. Use multi-stage pulping technology to reduce pulping time and energy consumption.

Intelligent management: Through the Internet of Things technology, the drum pulper can be networked with other equipment to achieve real-time monitoring of equipment status and fault warning.

Flexible production: According to different product requirements, the parameters and processes of the pulping process can be quickly adjusted to achieve pulp preparation of different varieties and specifications.

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