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Industrial Stock Preparation Equipment Low Density Cleaner

Low density cleaner uses physical methods to separate heavy impurities from light impurities in the pulp through rotation and centrifugal force.

Low density cleaners consist of rotating drum and centrifugal blade that operates with the rotating drum. When the pulp passes through the cleaner, centrifugal force pushes heavy impurities to the wall of the cleaner, while light impurities are discharged and collected.

Low density cleaners offer the following advantages

Improve paper quality: The cleaner can effectively remove impurities in paper pulp, improve paper quality, and reduce paper defects.

Improve production efficiency: The special structure can quickly remove impurities from the pulp and collect the impurities for subsequent processing, reducing pulp processing time and improving the production efficiency of the paper machine.

Reduce equipment maintenance costs: Reduce the wear and blockage of equipment by pulp, extend the service life of equipment, and reduce maintenance and repair costs.

In summary, the low density cleaner plays a key role in the pulp preparation and paper making process, providing a reliable solution for pulp processing and helping to improve pulp quality and production efficiency. Email: