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Low Density Cleaner For Stock Preparation Line


Low density cleaner is usually applied for preliminary treatment of pulp to ensure that the subsequent production process can obtain cleaner and more uniform pulp. Low density cleaner is indispensable in the pulping process.

Low Density Cleaner In Paper Pulping

1. Basis application
The principle of centrifugal force is used to separate the impurities in the pulp, and then the impurities are removed through the exclusion device
2. Type: KH series
3. Certification: ISO, CE, etc.
4. Inlet Consistency: 0.3-1.5%
5. Advantages
Improve the purity and uniformity of pulp and reduce quality problems during the production process;
Reduce equipment wear and failure in subsequent processes and extend the service life of equipment;
Reduce energy and chemical consumption during the production process and improve production efficiency.

In summary, the low density cleaner plays a key role in the pulp preparation and paper making process, providing a reliable solution for pulp processing and helping to improve pulp quality and production efficiency. Email: