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Paper Factory Machine Inflow Pressure Screen

The primary purpose of the inflow pressure screen is to provide effective and efficient screening of the pulp by applying pressure to the pulp flow. The screen consists of the cylindrical body made of stainless steel or other corrosion-resistant materials. Inflow pressure screen is equipped with a perforated screen plate that allows the pulp to pass through while retaining the unwanted contaminants.

How Our Inflow Pressure Screen Works

Pressure application: The pressure level can be adjusted to optimize the screening efficiency and control the pulp consistency.

Screening basket: The size and shape of the holes can vary depending on the specific application and paper grade requirements.

Reject system: The rejected impurities or contaminants are collected in a reject system located inside or outside the screen. This system uses various methods, such as centrifugal force, to separate the rejects from the pulp flow.

Cleaning system: To prevent clogging and maintain the screening performance, the inflow pressure screen is equipped with a cleaning system. This system can include rotating brushes or showers that continuously clean the screen surface, ensuring uninterrupted operation.

In modern paper mills, inflow pressure screens are often equipped with advanced automation and control systems that monitor and optimize the screening process. This helps to reduce downtime, maximize efficiency, and ensure the desired cleanliness of the pulp. Welcome to contact us. Email: