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Paper Machine Overfeed Rewinder Technical Solution

The overfeed rewinder allows for precise control over the tension and speed of the rewinding process. It enables the operator to adjust the amount of paper fed into the overfeed rewinder, resulting in a controlled increase or decrease in the diameter of the rewound roll. This is particularly useful when producing rolls of different sizes or meeting specific customer requirements.

Details Of Overfeed Rewinder

Main products: Kraft paper, T paper, corrugated paper, tissue paper

Trimmed Width: 1575-6000mm

Max Working Speed: 1500m/min

Components: The rewinder consists of a unwind roll stand, which holds the parent roll of paper, and a rewinding section, which includes slitting and rewinding mechanisms.

Process: As the paper is fed into the rewinder, it passes through slitting blades or circular knives that cut the paper into narrower widths if required. The paper undergoes a process of rewinding onto a new core or shaft.

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