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Paper Making Felt Of Paper Machine

Paper making felt is applied as a wool fabric for conveying wet sheets on paper machines. Felt is a consumable product and has a certain life cycle.  For example, the hair grafts on the felt will fall off. Therefore, regular replacement of felt is essential for normal production.

According to the parts applied on the paper machine, it can be divided into three categories: wet felt, top felt and dryer cylinder felt.

Characteristics and functions of different felts:

1. Wet felt cloth is applied in the press part. It has a thin texture and is easy to drain water.

2. The top felt is applied in the Yankee dryer cylinder. It has a twill weave and a tight and smooth surface. When using it, the top wool of the felt must be burned with a blowtorch so that the wet paper sheet can adhere to it.

3. Dryer cylinder felt, also known as dry blanket, is applied in the dryer cylinder part. The texture is the thickest. Has good strength. Press the paper sheet tightly against the surface of the dryer to heat it evenly and have the effect of ironing and smoothing. It is also replaced by a cotton canvas blanket.

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