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Paper Making Machine High Consistency Hydrapulper

High-consistency hydrapulper is designed based on the principle of hydraulic vortex. The rotor adopts a mechanism combining double helix and flying force. When the rotor of the high-consistency hydrapulper rotates, the high-consistency slurry moves radially, which accelerates the hydration and dehydration of the wastewater.

Advantage of High Consistency Hydrapulper

1. The blades of the rotor are oblique spirals, which will not form fine chips, creating favorable conditions for slurry screening.

2. The specially designed structure is novel and reasonable, and the pulping concentration is high.

3. It has the characteristics of energy saving, water saving and small floor space. It is an ideal waste paper recycling equipment.

4. It also supports manual speed adjustment, which is convenient to use.

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