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Paper Making Machine Single Effect Fiber Separator

The single effect fiber separator can be seen as a fusion of a sealed horizontal hydraulic pulper and a light and heavy impurity remover. This paper making equipment boasts a compact design while maintaining high efficiency. With the integration of functions like crushing, impurity removal, and coarse screening, the single effect fiber separator streamlines the waste paper treatment process and minimizes energy usage.

Application & Features of Fiber Separator

1. The single-effect fiber separator consists of a housing where a horizontally rotating main shaft is mounted.

2. One end of the main shaft is equipped with a cutterhead inside the housing, while the other end has a V-belt pulley outside the housing.

3. The housing is equipped with a slurry inlet pipe, a light impurity outlet, and a heavy impurity outlet.

4. Under the main shaft, there is a good slurry outlet pipe with a vertical slurry outlet fixed on the inner wall of the housing, located between the inlet of the good slurry outlet pipe and the cutterhead.

5. There is a sieve plate on top of the casing.

Single effect fiber separator is renowned for its compact design and remarkable efficiency in the separation process. Feel free to reach out to us if you are interested in learning more about this high-performing equipment. Email address: