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Paper Mill Equipment Inflow Pressure Screen

The inflow pressure screen can filter out fine particles and impurities in the pulp through filtration and squeezing, helping to control the loss of fibers in the pulp. This ensures the paper quality in the subsequent paper making process of the inflow pressure screen and improves the uniformity and stability of the slurry.

The difference Between Inflow Pressure Screen and External Flow Pressure Screen

1. The installed power is small and the energy saving effect is obvious.

2. Internal flow structure, low pulse design, good web uniformity.

3. The slurry outlet adopts a diffusion design and the inner wall is polished to achieve seamless connection of the flow pipes.

4. The main engine and transmission adopt modular design, the structure is stable and reliable, and the installation and maintenance save labor and time.

5. Equipped with automatic refueling and mechanical seal water flow monitoring devices, it has a high degree of automation.

The inflow pressure screen can play a pretreatment and purification role in pulp production, helping to improve the efficiency and quality of subsequent paper production. If you are interested in paper equipment, please contact us. Email: