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Paper Pulp Machine Fiber Deflaker

The fiber deflaker is a highly advantageous machine for processing short fiber pulp and deflapping secondary fibers. Fiber deflaker finds extensive use in waste paper processing, as it greatly enhances the physical characteristics of the resulting paper. Importantly, this process effectively achieves its purpose without causing any damage to the fibers.

Application & Features of fiber deflaker

1. Our system offers exceptional high-frequency decontamination capabilities, effectively eliminating both light and heavy pollutants.

2. With its cost-effective installation and compact design, it is particularly well-suited for renovation projects.

3. The slurry-contacting components are constructed from durable stainless steel, ensuring a prolonged lifespan.

Notably, the fiber deflaker offers consistent beating and percussion intensity while increasing hydration levels and reducing wet weight. This, in turn, improves the operational speed of the paper machine. Email address: