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Pulp Preparation Machine Middle Consistency Hydrapulper

Middle consistency hydrapulper consists of a cylindrical container and rotating blades. The container for the middle consistency hydrapulper is usually made of corrosion-resistant material, such as stainless steel. The blades are mounted within the walls of the container at a specific angle and layout.

Details of Middle Consistency Hydrapulper


1. Middle consistency hydrapulper has efficient pulping capacity and low energy consumption.

2. Middle consistency hydrapulper can thoroughly mix and shear pulp particles, effectively separate and release fibers, and improve the quality and reproducibility of pulp.

Application areas:

Middle consistency hydrapulper is widely applied in pulp recycling processes, such as waste paper recycling stations in paper mills, and in the recycling process of cardboard, paper and other waste.

Middle consistency hydrapulper is one of the indispensable paper equipment in the pulp regeneration process, which can separate and mix the pulp particles with water, thereby realizing the recycling of waste paper. Welcome to contact us. Email address: