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Screening Equipment M.C. Pressure Screen

M.C. Pressure Screen

Before the pulp enter into the paper machine, need to be purified and screening treatment, on the one hand to remove dust and impurities in the slurry, on the other hand make the slurry evenly dispersed, resulting in uniform dispersion of fiber suspension. So that need screening equipment do the appropriate treatment.

M.C. Pressure Screen

The M.C. Pressure Screen consists of cylinder, transmission, screen drum, rotor and electrical parts. Screen drum is divided into hole screen and screen, corresponding to coarse screen and fine screen. The coarse pressure screen installed behind High density cleaner, and fine screen behind Low density cleaner.

Characteristics of pressure screen

① input pulp concentration range, 0.5~3.0%, reliable operation; ② not mixed with air, does’t produce foam; ③ compact structure, small footprint.

What should to notice during operation?

1. If the pressure difference suddenly increased, generally because the screen drum is blocked. This happens, to immediately reduce the amount of pulp. Close the pulp for a few seconds until the pressure difference becomes smaller. If not enough, you must stop the device, manually open the pressure screen for cleaning.

2. Input pulp concentration is too high, the requirement is to reduce the pulp concentration or increase the dilution water.Input pulp is too large, the requirement is to reduce the amount of pulp.The tailing pulp amount is too small to increase the amount of tailing pulp.

There are several reasons for this: Input pulp concentration is too low.Drum damage or screen drum wear serious.The bottom seal is not good.Rotor and screen drum gap big, wear serious.

The above situation of the treatment:Increase the pulp concentration.Check for replacement of damaged or worn drums.Check the drum seal.Adjust the gap, replace the rotor plate.

Safety guide during operation

Before each start and the first operation, be sure to ensure that the device motor voltage and supply voltage consistent. The following links must be routinely checked: the connection at the pipe interface, the flange and the nut on the outer cover, and the surface of the frame and interface of the pressure screen, which are sometimes hot. Whether the belt pulley is tightened must be used as a separate mechanism, regular inspection to prevent the pulley falling caused by the belt slip .