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Waste Paper Recycling Pulping Line

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A whole sets of waste paper recycling pulping line includes pulping system, cleaner equipment, coarse screening system, fine screening system, fiber fractionating system and Inflow pressure screen before paper machine. Leizhan can supply the whole complete paper pulping line for paper mill, we have many successfully case in home and aboard, such as Iran, Egypt, Bangladesh.

Waste Paper Recycling Pulping Line

Pulping system: Generally the waste paper pulping system use Drum pulper or D type hydrapulper to break waste paper. When the capacity is more than 80t/d we suggest paper making friends to choose Drum pulper, the Drum pulper with the advantages of large capacity, no easy wearing part, continuous pulping, but the investment is bigger, so suitable for big capacity production line. The advantage of D type hydrapulper is investment smaller, broken solution effect is good, small footprint, shortcoming is need equip auxiliary equipment to achieve continuous broken solution.

Coarse screening system: this system contain M.C. coarse pressure screen, Light impurity separator and Reject separator. The pulp from High density cleaner enter into coarse pressure screen, the accept pulp goes into pulp chest and tail pulp goes into Light impurity separator for further processing to remove heavy impurities, and then Reject separator is used for processing the tailing from Light impurity separator, the good pulp return Light impurity separator for further processing. This coarse screening system almost achieve fiber zero loss.

Fine screening system: use M.C. fine pressure screen to achieve fine screening purpose, if the capacity is big there will use more stage to make the slurry cleaner.

Fiber fractionating system: fiber Fractionating Screen separate fiber into long fiber, medium fiber and short fiber through the physical screen slot,according to characteristic of fiber to translat different fiber into different headbox to meet the paper making needs.

Inflow pressure screen: used for Approach system before paper machine to make slurry evenly flow into headbox.

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