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30T Duplex Paper Board Machine

The drying part of duplex paper board machine is a very critical part of the paper production process. Its function is to quickly evaporate the moisture in the wet paper through heat energy transfer, so that the paper reaches the required humidity and quality requirements.

The wet paper undergoes the action of heat energy in the drying part of the duplex paper board machine, and the water evaporates quickly, making the paper dry quickly. This helps improve production efficiency and shorten the paper manufacturing cycle. This article will explain the drying part of duplex paper board machine in more detail.

Drying part of duplex paper board machine

The drying part is equipped with 18 φ1500 dryer cylinders. The drying part is composed of 6+6+sizing machine+6 dryer cylinders, a total of 3 sets of transmissions. Adopt open gear transmission.

Design tension of dry net: 5KN/m.

Details of Dryer

Quantity: 18 sets (13#, 14# dryers are chrome-plated dryers)
Diameter/Cylinder face length: φ1500×3000 mm
Cylinder block material: HT250, alloy cast iron cylinder block, bolt strength grade 8.8
Hardness: HB200-240
Cylinder surface roughness: ≤0.8 microns
Maximum working pressure: 0.5 Mpa
Hydrostatic test pressure: 1.0 MPa
Design temperature: 145°C
Working medium: saturated steam
Container category: Class I
Operation side manhole: 400×300 mm (oval)
Lubrication type: Grease lubrication
Bearing type: 113536
Correcting dynamic balance grade: G2.5
Accessories: Fitting rotary joint

The drying part is designed and operated to control paper quality. Proper drying temperature and time can ensure uniform drying of the paper and prevent wrinkles, deformation or other quality problems. Welcome to contact us. Email address: