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Breast Roll For 5200 mm Double Layer Paper Machine

Breast roll can guide and coordinate the movement of the paper, so that the paper can be properly oriented and processed at each stage in the machine, thereby ensuring the quality of the paper. In addition, breast roll can also reduce some problems in paper production, such as paper breakage or twisting. Therefore, breast roll plays a vital role in the paper making process and has a significant impact.

Details of Breast roll

Quantity: 2 sets

Diameter/roller surface length: φ800mmX5900mmX28mm

Bearing model: 23234, bearing brand ZWZ or HRB

Roller material: Q235A steel plate rolling, roller wall thickness 28mm.

Shaft head: The shaft head is 45# quenched and tempered, CNC machined with a taper of 1:12, and equipped with a hydraulic unloading oil hole.

Coating material: wear-resistant rubber

Coating thickness: 12mm

Lubrication: grease lubrication

Balancing grade: G1.6

Breast roll is a key component that aids in the formation and control of the paper web, contributing to the overall quality of the finished product. Welcome to email me for price and details.

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